Ostello Campagnano di Roma

Hostel Campagnano, Lazio

An ethical and economic hostel on Via Francigena

It's more than just a hostel, but a stop-over with many services coming from Tuscany for pilgrims.
An ethical and economic solution where the pilgrim and walker will find everything they need.
Food (with seasonal produce from the garden) and lodging, assistance service for walkers and luggage transport. 

Sleep on the Via Francigena in harmony with nature.

In the medieval village of Campagnano, already a resting place for ancient wayfarers, the modern pilgrim Will be welcomed with refreshments.

The walker can sleep disturbed only by the sound of the wind and wake up with the crowing of the cockerel, in harmony with nature and with the rural landscape unchanged over time.


Not just a hostel it comes with many useful services for walkers.

The Campagnano Hostel is not just a hotel where you can sleep and rest. It is above all a resting place full of atmosphere known and appreciated by all passionate Walkers.

Our association and the Campagnano Hostel reinvest part of the proceeds for the maintenance of the route and offer many services in the area: luggage transport, assistance to pilgrims in difficulty and, if necessary, an emergency taxi service by means of off-road vehicle.

Services on via Francigena

A wonderful Way for every pilgrim.

The Campagnano Hostel is located along Via Francigena, halfway between Rome and Viterbo. This is the central stage of the last 100 km leading to St. Peter's Square in Rome, a popular destination for every pilgrim.

Via Francigena of Lazio is a wonderful journey that will leave an indelible memory in the heart of the pilgrim. Until recently it was considered less attractive than Via Francigena Toscana: today, after the opening of new sections of the route, the presence of many services in the area and the possibility of walking to Rome, is a stage not to be missed by any pilgrim.

Discover via Francigena in Lazio

Papa Francesco, Giubileo e Via Francigena

An economic, ethical and natural solution

The Campagnano Hostel is an ethical and economic destination, managed by people who love the Via Francigena and to walk by feet.

In addition to a good bed and a hot shower, you can meet walkers from all over the world. Exchanging information on the state of the path and the sensations experienced during the stages of the pilgrimage will make your stay at the Campagnano Hostel unforgettable.

At the hostel you can taste the authentic genuine products grown in the hostel's vegetable garden. There will be seasonal products (based on availability) and fresh eggs from resident hens.