Ostello Campagnano di Roma

Services on the via Francigena, Lazio.

Luggage transport service. Assistance during the journey.

Walking knowing that if a thunderstorm breaks out or you are in difficulty someone will come to recover you, it makes the difference. The Campagnano hostel, thanks to the collaboration with the Association Mediterraid Cammina, provides luggage transport and assistance for pilgrims along the Via Francigena.

Luggage transport service.

Thanks to the luggage transport service you will only walk with a light backpack with the necessary equipment for the day. Your main baggage with spare parts, sleeping bag, emergency shoes, what you need for a shower or a book, we will carry.

You will find your main luggage every day at your arrival at the accommodation that will host you, so you can start lighter on your journey. 

Assistance during the journey.

If you are tired one morning and you want to rest without being left behind by your friends, you can take advantage of our service by going on your journey with your luggage, on our off-road vehicle. 


Luggage transport:
€ 40 per stage for up to four pieces of luggage (Minimum amount), € 6 each step for each piece of luggage in addition.
Assistance during the journey:
included in the luggage transport service or free offer (upon emergency call).

For Information

Telephone: +39 338 2868402 - email: francigena@mediterraid.it


Papa Francesco, Giubileo e Via Francigena

Via Francigena and Giubileo 2016

God is always a surprise and therefore you never know where and how you are going to find him .
You meet God "walking".

Papa Francesco 2014